Customised Chemicals for Personal Care Products


WeylChem manufactures customised ingredients for the personal care market.

The company portfolio offers innovative products and technologies ranging from raw materials to formulations in skin, body and hair care products.

Thickeners and UV protection ingredients for cosmetics

WeylChem produces a wide range of cosmetic and personal care ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

The company is experienced in the large-scale manufacture of epichlorohydrine-based thickeners, hair dyes, intermediates, and various ultraviolet (UV) blockers and filters.

It also manufactures acrylate-based polymers, which are used as adaptable thickeners in cosmetics.

Skin cell regeneration ingredients for personal care products

An essential ingredient for the company's personal care products, WeylCare Allantoin provides a healing and soothing effect on stressed skin.

It moisturises the skin, and enhances the regeneration of damaged skin cells by controlling the inflammatory response and encouraging cell proliferation.

These features enable WeylCare Allantoin to be used in a wide range of personal care applications such as cosmetics, sun lotions, and hair, body and skin care products.

Skin care polymers

WeylCare ATBS is a dissolvable polymer with high-quality viscosity-modifying properties across a wide pH range.

Suitable for supporting formulations, WeylCare ATBS shows high levels of stability and tolerance to most personal care ingredients, and displays a smooth texture, and moisturising and emulsifying properties.

WeylCare ATBS is the ideal thickener for skin, body and hair care, as well as sun protection products.

Emulsifiers for oil-in-water formulations

WeylCare CetylP is a versatile emulsifier suitable for the high stability needs of complex oil-in-water formulations.

It delivers white and stable emulsions for a wide range of applications such as make-up, body care, sun protection, and oil or water emulsions.

Advanced intermediates for base materials

WeylChem has extensive experience in the field of advanced intermediates and reagents to develop new molecules.

The company offers brominated, fluorinated or chlorinated derivatives, as well as aromatic amines, and organic acids and esters.

WeylChem's products are mainly used as foundation materials in several industries such as the personal care, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and specialty chemical sectors.

As part of a global commercial network, WeylChem's teams are dedicated to adding value to a client's operations and projects worldwide.

Customised manufacturing capabilities

WeylChem's technologies can be combined to provide solutions that respond to complex problems or specific customer needs. It can also match the most efficient technology with the most cost-effective solution to benefit clients.

The company also develops chemical synthesis routes, and enhances capabilities from laboratory scale through pilot to mid-size and full-size commercial production.

WeylChem incorporates a project management system to ensure that the same quality and approach are applied throughout the project.

About WeylChem

WeylChem Group of Companies was established in 2005 as the fine chemicals platform of International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), a privately owned industrial holding company.

The group comprises nine companies in four different countries across Europe and the US.

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