Results from GlobalData’s survey from Q3 2016 show that attitudes of senior consumers about ageing vary across regions – 53% of consumers aged 55+ in Western countries such as Europe and North America say they are not concerned about the age they look, compared to just over one third (36%) of consumers in Asian countries.

Given that, and despite the dominance of anti-ageing claims in the beauty and grooming industry in recent years, it is interesting to note that not all consumers globally wish to portray a youthful image.

Global: consumers aged 55+ who are not concerned about the age they look, 2016

Source: GlobalData’s Q3 2016 global consumer survey

Manufacturers operating in the industry should take into account seniors’ attitudes at a regional level and promote related products accordingly. For instance, Western markets could succeed by adopting a pro-ageing strategy with products supporting consumers in manageing and embracing the ageing process. Conversely, in the Asia Pacific countries, the focus should be on the traditional notion of anti-ageing products as a solution to deter the ageing process.

Despite being an overall recommendation, the findings urge multinational beauty and grooming producers to avoid a general global marketing strategy when developing and launching products targeting older consumers.