BASF has unveiled new formulations, and products for the personal care industry, including cosmetics, skincare, and body care sectors.

Designed for the vegan cosmetics market, Rheocare XGN polymer with pure vegan Xanthan Gum is a thickening agent and stabiliser that is based on renewable feedstock.

This product is suitable for emulsions and surfactant-based systems.

Emulgade MEC / MB is a new micro-emulsion concentrate. Around 70% of the product is obtained from natural, renewable feedstocks.

It has applications for wipe formulations and is said to possess cleansing properties and make-up removal efficacy.

“Dermagenist is claimed to restore density and firmness to the skin.”

BASF has also introduced its new Zen Night Mask, which is designed to revitalise tired and stressed skin during sleep to deliver a soft texture.

This mask comprises active ingredient PatcH2O and a light hydrogel cream to boost the skin’s moisture.

The firm’s new sulfate-free Precious Oil Shower Gel is formulated with lipid layer-enhancing micro-emulsion Lamesoft OD to ensure detectable oil deposition.

In addition, BASF unveiled its new Dermagenist and Collalift 18 active ingredients.

Derived from leaves of origanum majorana, Dermagenist is claimed to restore density and firmness to the skin.

Collalift 18 is extracted from mahogany bark and is said to improve elasticity and visibly reduce pores, lines, and wrinkles.