Korean agricultural company BKSU is set to launch new skincare products Su Moisture Mask and Sun Block to the US market.

The company will showcase the products at the 2018 International Esthetic Cosmetics and Spa Conferences in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, US.

BKSU’s Su Moisture Mask is made of Jeju horse oil and contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory Jeju broad-leaf bamboo, Jeju green tea, and New Zealand spinach. It has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 27 and is certified by the Government of the Jeju Province.

“I look forward to entering the US market, which is the world’s largest in the industry.”

Sun Block uses inorganic blocking agents to reduce skin irritation and increase the effects of the ultraviolet (UV) protection. With an SPF of 50+, the product does not use oxybenzone and octinoxate.

BKSU CEO Gi Beom Kim said: “I look forward to entering the US market, which is the world’s largest in the industry, letting the whole world know the excellence of BKSU cosmetics and increasing the export of our products.

“When I make our products, I think of my daughter who will use them. I can assure you of their safety. I hope our products will be known as one of the leading brands of Jeju Island.”

Kim administers skin patch tests for all BKSU products that use Jeju horse oil and examines them to make sure that they do not cause skin irritation. The patches are also tested for heavy metal toxicity.

The company currently intends to expand its business worldwide, including Poland, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, China and Japan.