Evonik is set to present a new technology platform and four new active ingredients for skincare and haircare products during the in-cosmetics event.

in-cosmetics will be held in Amsterdam from 17 April to 19 April. The ingredients to be showcased at the expo are Hairflux, Ceramide, TEGO Pep UP and TEGO enlight.

Evonik set up the new Care Biotics technology platform to develop microbiotic products.

Hairflux is a ceramide blend for hair and scalp care.

Boinowitz said: “For beautiful hair you need a healthy scalp, and Hairflux® acts on both at the same time.

“For beautiful hair you need a healthy scalp, and Hairflux® acts on both at the same time.”

Ceramide is an olive-based formula that is said to provide a soothing effect on irritated scalps. It is suitable for use in hair tonics, rinses and shampoos for damaged hair.

TEGO Pep UP is a new tetrapeptide from Evonik. This an active ingredient is claimed to support collagen and fibre production in the skin’s extracellular matrix, which leads to reduced wrinkle depth and gives more defined facial contours as visual effects.

Due to the product’s lifting effect, it is said to have applications in anti-ageing formulations.

TEGO enlight was developed for natural skin brightening. Featuring phytic acid salt obtained from rice bran, it also contains white mulberry fruit extract. These two components are said to provide brightening properties and are used for the treatment of age spots.

Evonik’s personal care business line head Dr. Tammo Boinowitz said: “Humans depend on microorganisms, whether in food digestion or for skin protection. Similar to the benefits of probiotic yoghurt in the digestive system, microbiotic cosmetic ingredients can have a positive impact on the local microflora of the skin.”

Enovik is known for producing Skinolance, a microbiotic skincare product that utilises cell-free lactobacillus extract to promote the natural balance of skin by stimulating bacterial growth to protect skin against roughness and dryness.