Switzerland-based fragrance and flavour business Firmenich has registered a range of new chemical substances under the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation.

REACH is a European law that helps ensure the safety of chemical substances used by individual companies in the EU. It is designed to help manufacturers and importers understand the risks associated with the use of chemicals.

The law aims to protect human health and the environment, prevent misuse, encourage free trade, and enhance innovation in the EU chemicals market. It can also impose restrictions on production.

“We successfully completed all REACH registration phases with more than 500 ingredients registered.”

Firmenich CEO Gilbert Ghostine said: “Building on our 123-year legacy of responsible business, it is an absolute priority for Firmenich to work with safe and sustainable ingredients, while offering transparency to our customers.

“I am very proud that we have demonstrated that our entire perfumery palette is fully REACH ready.”

Firmenich plans to work with regulatory authorities in the EU to ensure on-going compliance and registration for similar REACH regulations in other countries such as Korea and Turkey.

REACH General Counsel Jane Sinclair said: “We successfully completed all REACH registration phases with more than 500 ingredients registered, thanks to the continued efforts of our broad industry-leading team of experts.

“A key outcome of this process is how we are aligned with our customers and suppliers to pursue relentlessly all aspects related to human health and the environment, and we will keep pushing for more breakthroughs in these areas.”

Last month, Firmenich launched the EcoScent Compass, a tool designed to measure a fragrance’s sustainability footprint, as well as environmental and social impact.