US care brand Gevilan has collaborated with Silk’n to roll out a skin-tightening device, which will help to reduce signs of aging and reverse sagging skin and wrinkles.

This new device, called ElaziR 3D, uses Silk’n’s patented home-tightening skin (HT) technology that tightens skin within five weeks of treatment.

The non-invasive device was found to be 96% effective in a clinical trial, during which testers witnessed reduction in their wrinkles after using the technology over a specific period.

Gevilan CEO Jason Yao said: “We wanted to offer a more effective and fashionable instrument related to skin beautification. GEVILAN cares about user’s individual expression and hopes each experience provides extraordinary results.”

ElaziR 3D features an infrared ray, red LED light and radio frequency (RF) energy that helps to stimulate collagen and refresh skin.

According to Gevilan, the infrared ray functions 0.5mm below the skin’s surface to get rid of skin barriers, improve skin brightness and repair dullness, grease and acne.

“We wanted to offer a more effective and fashionable instrument related to skin beautification.”

Working 1.8mm under the surface of the skin, the red LED light triggers cellular activity to give healthier and glowing skin.

Additionally, the RF operates 4mm beneath the surface of the skin. It produces heat of up to 52℃-55℃ that stimulates regeneration of collagen and prevents sagging and wrinkling of skin.

ElaziR 3D is equipped with thermal stabiliser and intelligent sensor to control the output of heat between 42℃-45℃. This device automatically stops producing energy when the magnetic head remains still in order to stop skin burning.

To serve as a beauty regimen tool, ElaziR 3D is claimed to be suitable for older women to keep wrinkles at bay and younger women who want to prevent visible signs of the aging process.

The skin-tightening device has been developed to be used together with a gel to help efficiently deliver energy to skin and protect it from burns due to overheating.

In addition to a series of RF cosmetic instruments, Gevilan is working with Silk’n to develop Home Pulse Light (HPL) to offer a convenient hair removal solution.