Gillette Venus and YouTube personality Remi Cruz have partnered to launch limited-edition razor Venus x Remi.

Sold only through the new Venus Direct subscription service, Venus x Remi features a vibrant tropical print.

The razor’s blades and handles are customisable, and Venus Direct customers can buy more than ten different varieties to meet the requirements of their skin type and shaving regimen.

Cruz said: “When I first started the design process for my Venus x Remi limited-edition razor, I wanted to make sure that the bright colours and tropical flowers everyone is used to seeing in my videos really came through in the design.

“There’s nothing better than silky smooth freshly shaved legs to make you feel confident and the Venus x Remi razor is perfect for that extra boost this holiday season.”

“We want to help every woman feel confident to express herself in her own unique way.”

Parent brand Procter & Gamble (P&G) claims that the new razor provides a convenient and automatic delivery.

The Venus direct programme leader Falguni Desai said: “We want to help every woman feel confident to express herself in her own unique way. For many, that includes how her skin looks and feels, and Venus Direct has a complete range of products to meet her unique needs.

“She can mix and match to personalise the shaving experience that’s right for her and have it delivered straight to her door with free shipping whenever she wants it. And now, with our limited-edition Venus x Remi design, she can add some unexpected fun to her beauty routine.”

Venus x Remi is available for $10 with free shipping.