Natural and science-based skin and hair care product maker Tara Brands has announced its launch in the US.

The debut follows after successfully marketing its products in Kuwait.

The company has introduced two hair care lines, Tara Care System and Tara Growth System, to the US market.

Tara Care System features antioxidants and vitamins to keep hair healthy and strong, as well as ingredients such as apple stem cell and açai.

Products under the Tara Care System line include sulphate-free Nurture shampoo, Nurture conditioner, Nurture leave-in and restore hair mask.

The second line Tara Growth System includes products that feature onion extract, plant extracts, minerals and antioxidants to help hair growth and regeneration.

This line includes sulphate-free Onion Remedy shampoo, Onion Remedy conditioner and Onion Remedy concentrate products.

Tara Brands CEO Nawaf Arhamah said: “We work with the best and most innovative beauty labs across the world to create our products.

“We are committed to offering ingredient-focused, science-based products that are rooted in heritage, to deliver consumers the best formulas available in beauty today.”

Customers can purchase the products under the two Tara hair care lines online and at select US distributors.

Tara also plans to launch the brand’s skin care line this autumn. The skin care line will include a premium vitamin c complex, argan oil and deep cleansing clay mask.