US-based skincare company Kari Gran has unveiled the new Rosie Gold lipstick shade, as well as updated branding and packaging for its lip product line, Lip Whip by Kari Gran.

The new branding features a soft nude palette and showcases a circular logo with rose-gold foil accents. The packaging has also been changed from a small black pot to a low-profile, clear frosted and translucent pot with rose-gold, screw-top caps.

Kari Gran co-founder Lisa Strain said: “It’s the exact same formula and the same amount of Lip Whip we’ve always sold, but now with a new look and more convenient packaging.

“We added new packaging to make Lip Whips a more standalone gift.”

“We were hearing from fans who own four, five, six different Lip Whips and have them in different places, desk, nightstand, purse, anywhere within reach; and they wanted to easily see which colour they were grabbing. We also added new packaging to make Lip Whips a more standalone gift, another big request from women who wanted to share the Lip Whip love!”

The Lip Whip product line includes Whipped Color Balms, which is a combination of a balm and a lipstick; Whipped Treatment Balms; and Whipped Lip Perfector, which is used for lip exfoliation.

Lips Whips by Kari Gran is made of organic, naturally derived, wild-harvested and non-genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients such as beeswax, sunflower oil, avocado oil, camellia seed oil and calendula extract.

Strain added: “Kari was on a quest to make luxurious products that were also clean and green.”