Kate Somerville Skincare and non-profit organisation Plastic Oceans Foundation will work together to help reduce single-use plastic pollution.

The partnership was made in line with Plastic Ocean Foundation’s Rethink Plastic programme, which aims to reduce plastic footprint and raise awareness of the issue among consumers.

Kate Somerville Skincare plans to stop using plastic in its packaging by 2022, as well as reduce non-essential single-use plastics in the Kate Somerville Skin Health Clinic.

The company also plans to apply a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle process across its packaging facilities.

“I was part of the problem and now we need to solve this problem.”

In addition, Kate Somerville Skincare will offer its staff volunteer opportunities to promote sustainability.

Kate Somerville Skincare founder Kate Somerville said: “Healing people’s skin every day came out of the goodness of my heart, but I realised that what I was creating may be harming the ocean. That broke the link for me. I was part of the problem and now we need to solve this problem.  That’s what we’re going to do at Kate Somerville.

“We’re going to rethink plastic, but we’re also going to help our industry and the families around us rethink plastic. A big part of that effort comes through this partnership and support of the Plastic Oceans Foundation.”

Based in Los Angeles, Kate Somerville Skincare is part of Unilever’s prestige beauty portfolio of global brands.