South Korea-based cosmetic brand Petitcomo, which is manufactured by Amax Holdings, has launched new sheet masks for summer skin treatment.

Featuring triple-layered-embossed Bella soft sheets made of bamboo, the new Bling Bling Light Up masks come in two variants, Ampoule Mask Black Edition and Aqua Mask White Edition.

These sheet masks contain Environmental Working Group green grade natural ingredients, which are safe from hazards.

The mask solutions are designed to help enhance the ‘elasticity and vividness’ of skins exposed to summer heat, as well as improve the tone of the skin.

Ampoule Mask Black Edition contains natural moisturising ingredients such as propolis extracts, royal jelly extracts, lavender oil, and orange peel oil. These ingredients help nourish the skin and keep it clean and hydrated.

Featuring Lactobacillus fermentum, purslane extracts, and chamomile oil ingredients, Aqua Mask White Edition is designed to comfort the heat-affected skins. It provides ‘watery feeling’ to the skin.

Amax Holdings official said: “We are preparing to launch a variety of new line-up consistently.

“These mask products are made by the renowned cosmetic brand, featuring high-quality natural ingredients and advanced technology. Users will recognise its moisturising effects immediately after using this product. The products also make their makeup more effective.”