US-based personal care company Lake Consumer Products has revamped the packaging of its vH essentials feminine health and wellness products.

The vH essentials brand features Vaginal Odor Treatment, Probiotic with Prebiotic & Cranberry Feminine Health Dietary Supplement, Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories, Tea Tree Oil & Prebiotic Daily Feminine Wash, and Sensitive Medicated Cream.

Vaginal Odor Treatment is a pH balanced tablet developed to remove odour, whereas Probiotic Supplement offers a triple-action formula for genital tract care.

“The updates have made the key features and benefits of each product stand out more significantly.”

Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories contain prebiotics and lactic acid to protect against vaginal odour, while Tea Tree Oil & Prebiotic Daily Feminine Wash uses vH’s Microbalance Odor Blocking Blend and offers the benefits of tea tree oil, prebiotics, and pH balancing lactic acid.

Sensitive Medicated Cream is a blend of vitamin E, aloe, and odour-blocking technology that is developed to treat itching and irritation.

All of the products are currently available at retailers, including Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s and Rite Aid.

Lake Consumer Products marketing manager Molly Fies said: “The updates have made the key features and benefits of each product stand out more significantly, while maintaining enough of the original brand look and feel to let loyal customers know they are still purchasing the same great product.”

Lake Consumer Products offers a wide assortment of personal care products, including YeastGard Advanced, MG217 Psoriasis and Eczema treatments, as well as ENT Essentials. The company is a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Pharmacal Company.