Chinese multinational investment firm Tencent Holdings and global cosmetics firm L’Oréal are set to introduce an integrated platform for chief marketing officers.

To be released in China, Tencent WE+ is designed to allow chief marketing officers to formulate new strategies through core capabilities WEmpower, WEngage and WEmbrace.

WEmpower offers a total coverage of internet users and connecting data silos, while WEngage integrates content into consumer scenarios and WEmbrace assists brands in penetrating consumer touch points and driving multi-conversions.

“Tencent WE+ functions as an enabler for brand marketing.”

Tencent OMG’s strategic partnership and general manager Sophia Ong said: “Benefiting from Tencent’s ecosystem, Tencent WE+ functions as an enabler for brand marketing until the last mile of the consumer journey, rather than providing one-off media solutions.”

Tencent and L’Oréal have also designed innovative campaigns to engage users with content to drive sales conversions through data insights into user behaviours. L’Oréal initiated a ‘see now, buy now’ shopping concept for users to make purchases instantly through WeChat.

Tencent strategy development department senior director Dan Lu suggested that brands can innovate in marketing and retailing using WeChat and Tencent’s social network of more than 1.04 billion users.

When asked about the marketing platform for chief marketing officers, Lu said: “By building digital touch points at scale, WeChat allows for direct connections with consumers, driving multi-conversions online and offline.”