Fair Hair Care has launched a campaign to obtain more than 500,000 signatures from consumers worldwide to address transparency and quality of hair extensions.

Launched as a platform to promote hair product transparency and quality, as well as trust for customers, Fair Hair Care intends to establish global industry standards for manufacturers, stockists, and companies that sell hair extensions.

The organisation plans to award a 'Fair Hair Care mark' to products that meet its criteria. The methodology and verification process is said to have undergone consultation with scientists and specialists of the hair extension industry.

Information regarding the criteria will be published on its website to reassure consumers.

"The organisation plans to award a 'Fair Hair Care mark' to products that meet its criteria."

Fair Hair Care co-founder Christina Adesina said: “A growing band of consumers want good quality hair extensions, but prefer to buy from brands that are striving to have a positive impact on people and the planet. Transparency at the point-of-sale promotes informed choices.

“Each brand awarded the Fair Hair Care mark must meet stringent requirements such as demonstrating how they include transparency and longevity in hair extensions in their business model.

“All brands featured take great care of ethical sourcing, manufacturing and marketing.”

The organisation will grade hair extension products based on quality, longevity, and ethical production practices.