Michael Todd Beauty has expanded its distribution channels to bring its offerings to a wider range of consumers.

The brand will launch its products on the Beauty Brands website and in 61 physical stores. It has also ventured into the Forever 21 specialty beauty boutique Riley Rose.

Michael Todd Beauty offers skincare devices such as the Soniclear cleansing brush and a patent-pending, anti-microbial technology.

The company has also expanded its franchise with a range of medical grade at-home devices including the Sonicblend makeup brush, the Sonic Eraser Pro skincare infuser, Total Refresher Dermal Rejuvenation system, and the new Sonicsmooth dermaplaning system.

"The company has expanded its franchise with a range of medical grade at-home devices."

Michael Todd Beauty co-founder and president Lew Hendler said: "Beauty Brands is a perfect environment for our products, with its focus on excellence, value, and an ongoing commitment to professional quality. Their associates and salon and spa team are incredibly knowledgeable, a real benefit for consumers and for brands like ours."

Beauty Brands CEO Caryn Lerner said:  "We are very excited to be launching Michael Todd Beauty in all of our Beauty Brands stores. Michael Todd Beauty's focus on innovation and education will provide the partnership we need to make their business successful in our stores." 

Michael Todd Beauty co-founder and senior vice-president of sales Michael Friend said: "Riley Rose is such a great complement to our other distribution outlets as it helps us stay in front of the next generation of beauty enthusiasts. 

"We've tailored our assortment to delight this consumer, with a focus on two hero skus: our Soniclear Antimicrobial Sonic Cleansing Brush and our Sonicblend Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Application brush. Both tools are offered in solid colors and fun patterns."