Lush Cosmetics and Canada Fibers’ subsidiary Urban Resource Group have announced it has successfully completed trials to convert harmful ocean plastic into eco-conscious cosmetic containers.

The trials are part of the firms’ collaboration, under which Lush provided Urban Resource with plastic that was collected during a six-month, volunteer-led ocean cleanup project in 2016.

Urban Resource then worked on turning the assorted plastic mix into a high-quality plastic pellet for use in a standard manufacturing setting at its recycling facility in Toronto, Canada.

Lush Cosmetics ethical buyer Gary Calicdan said: “Urban Resource Group was willing to adjust their system to support this important environmental cause.

“Their technological abilities allowed them to transform broken down pieces of ocean plastic into high-quality pellets that hit our standards.”

"Urban Resource Group was willing to adjust their system to support this important environmental cause."

To address increasing litter problems in the ocean, Lush formed an alliance with environmental non-profit Ocean Legacy Foundation to collect up to 25t of plastic from the shorelines of Vancouver Island in Canada.

Urban Resource scientists used the equipment at the automated plastic recycling facility to test the material delivered by Lush before generating plastic pellets that would meet the cosmetic firm’s specifications for 100% recyclable packaging.

Urban Resource Group and Canada Fibers senior executive Mark Badger said: "We are keen to be pushing the frontiers of material recovery and recycling with leaders like Lush. Together, we are providing creative solutions to global problems."

Lush Cosmetics offers a variety of skincare, haircare and bath products formulated using fresh fruits, vegetables, essential oils and ingredients.

Image: Ocean plastic being collected on the shorelines of Vancouver Island, Canada for Lush Cosmetics. Photo: courtesy of CNW Group / Canada Fibers.