US-based data measurement company Nielsen has expanded its analytic relationship with skin care company Beiersdorf U.S.

Through this agreement, Beiersdorf U.S will adopt Nielsen’s newest technology platform, Nielsen Connect, to expand its growth in health and beauty category.

Since 2008, Nielsen has helped the beauty company in steering through beauty and health consumer landscape.

Beiersdorf U.S. Shopper & Customer Marketing vice-president Rodney Waights said: “Nielsen has been a trusted and valued partner of the Beiersdorf U.S. business for many years, delivering quality data services that are meaningful to our business in an informed and responsive manner.

“The adoption of Nielsen Connect is already underway. We believe it will simplify access to data, improve the speed and ability to generate real insights and enable us to be more agile in our decision-making.”

Nielsen said it will continue to deliver data across Beiersdorf’s US brand portfolio including NIVEA, Eucerin and Aquaphor, through its amplified services around omnichannel measurement and expanded market coverage.

Nielsen US Customer Development executive vice-president Laura McCullough said: “Beiersdorf U.S. is setting a new standard in the world of skin care by showing the industry how to embrace new technology and joining a growing roster of companies who are leaning into Nielsen Connect.

“We are looking forward to supporting the company’s future growth as they continue to win through strong retailer collaboration and consumer centricity. Equipped with speed and enhanced data visualization, analytic tools, Beiersdorf U.S. will have a clear view into what’s happening in the beauty market, why and what’s next.”