Japanese multinational cosmetics firm Shiseido Company has signed a new pact with A.S. Watson Group to boost their strategic partnership and jointly develop beauty innovations.

The new agreement sets the stage for the companies to develop a three-year partnership plan to co-create innovations to cater to the growing demand for Japanese beauty products in Asia.

Last month, Shiseido and A.S. Watson co-created the exclusive product range of Urban Damage Care under Shiseido’s derma skincare brand ‘d program’. The partners also launched d program in Watsons China.

Offerings under d program include makeup remover, facial cleanser, lotion, emulsion, essence and cream.

Shiseido Company president and CEO Masahiko Uotani said: “A.S. Watson and Shiseido share the vision that contributing to the creation of a better world through co-developing beauty innovations.

“We are very excited about the new step in our long-term partnership with the largest health and beauty retailer in the world. Our fascinating aspect of this partnership is that it keeps us innovating the beauty initiatives, addressing huge consumer demands in Asia on Japanese beauty products.”

The strategic alliance deal aims to leverage Shiseido’s R&D capability and strong position in the Japanese beauty market and A.S. Watson’s distribution platforms and customer insights.

The three key focus areas of the partnership will be co-creating future, unlocking potential markets and sustainable world of Japanese beauty.

Shiseido and A.S. Watson will work together on launching more exclusive products of other brands in the near future. Efforts will also be centred on deepening the understanding of A.S. Watson customers and overall markets.

The Japanese company will also seek A.S. Watson’s help to extend its reach into China, and other operating markets including Indonesia and the Philippines to drive business growth.

Furthermore, the firms will strive to increase the use of sustainable practices in the beauty industry.

A.S. Watson Group managing director Dominic Lai said: “Riding on the successful launch of d program Urban Damage Care range, the co-creation of Shiseido and A.S. Watson, in countries and regions including China, Taiwan and Thailand, we are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Shiseido to enhance customer connectivity and drive Japanese beauty in our operating markets.”