Japanese beauty brand Shiseido has launched personalised and advanced subscription service for skincare, called Optune.

Optune is paired with augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

It is claimed to be an Internet of Things smart appliance system that brings together a physical dispenser with an intelligent app, reported Fortune.com.

Following a year of beta testing, the company launched this product in Japan this week. .

This app which is available only on iPhone collects user’s face data using the phone’s front camera. The images are then analszed by artificial intelligence following which data is sent to a cylindrical appliance that are loaded with five Optimum Shot serum cartridges.

Based on the skin condition of the user, the cartridges will dispense suitable lotion formula.

Depending on a user’s daily skin conditions, weather and other factors, the company has identified 80,000 skincare patterns. Once the app matches one of these skin conditions, the cyclindrical Optune device can then dispense a personalised formula twice a day.

According to the company, the dispenser can create 1,000 patterns of serum and moisturiser combinations that suit a user’s skin.

The cosmetics industry is increasingly focusing on products that are linked to smart technology. Furthermore, major firms such as Shiseido stand at a benefit due to allocation of budget and in-house experts and technology incubators.

Around two years ago, Shiseido acquired two US-based virtual makeup startups, MATCHCo and Giaran.

MATCHCO uses smartphones to provide personalised foundation formula, while Giaran uses for virtual makeup regimen.