The Village Company has issued a voluntary recall of the 22-ounce La Bella Extreme Sport Styling Gel across the US.

Four lots failed micro testing due to bacterial contamination, resulting in potential contamination of 2,377 cases.

The bacteria found in the lots is Burkholderia cepacia and a group of related strains.

Burkholderia cepacia and group of related strains rarely cause infections in healthy people, but pose serious risk to individuals with cystic fibrosis, weakened immune systems, and chronic lung disease.

The Village Company has not received any reports from consumers related to this recall.

Consumers who have a product from any of the affected lots have been urged to stop using it immediately.

The recalled La Bella Extreme Sport Styling Gel was manufactured by Kapra Cosmetics, (Kapra) and distributed to retail starting 5 March.

The lot numbers of 22-ounce bottle of La Bella Extreme Sport Styling Gel include 19057B, 19072C, 19072E, 19072G.

The Village Company was alerted about the potential contamination on 15 May, following which the firm stopped shipping product.

The Village Company also immediately alerted the 14 affected customers to pull the product from shelves.

Among these countrywide retailers and wholesale distributors include Kroger (Food 4 Less and Ralphs), Stater Bros, Target, Heb, Cardinal Health, Certco, Cashco Distributors, Bashas, All Essentials, Yosemite Wholesale – Merced, Supervalu, AJ Express and Latin American Distributors.