Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting’s personal care brand Yardley has expanded its daily wear fragrances collection with the launch of four new floral perfumes for women.

The first scent in the collection, Morning Dew, is a blend of freesia, rose, fresh mandarin and a woody undertone.

Others in the collection of floral perfumes for women include sweet oriental fragrance Autumn Bloom, London Mist and Country Breeze, which offer scents of rural England.

“This range aims at making daily usage of perfumes a habit in India.”

Yardley India consumer care vice-president and business head Manish Vyas was quoted by INVC News as saying: “Over the years, Yardley of London has been loved and admired for its beautiful floral fragrances that are timeless classics worn by women of all ages.

“We are delighted to introduce Yardley Daily Wear Perfumes. This range aims at making daily usage of perfumes a habit in India.

“It is targeted at discerning users who seek products with a high effectiveness, unique image and an original concept. We are confident that this newly introduced range will further enhance the Yardley brand in India.”

Available in separate colours, including purple, yellow, pink and aqua blue, the four floral perfumes for women are priced at $7.33 per 100ml.

Other personal care brands offered by Wipro include the Santoor brand, which provides soaps, talcum powders, handwashes, face washes, body lotions and shampoos.