Air Products will add to its new Dermohydrine cellular active to its ROVI cosmetic active ingredient portfolio at In-Cosmetics 2013 in Paris.

The ingredients use advanced and multi-faced delivery technologies to address defined and consumer-desired performance attributes, according to the company.

Personal care formulators are said to be provided with better moisturising solution that can fulfill the natural ingredient demands of today’s consumers with Dermohydrine cellular active.

Product families in this portfolio include Cellular Actives, ROVISOME, CERASOME, and Nanosome cosmetic active ingredients.

Natural extracts are provided to improve the moisture retention levels of the skin by Dermohydrine cellular active.

Air Products Personal Care global business manager Solomon Lemma, commenting on this natural ingredient, said, "Skin moisturization is an important part of consumers’ daily skincare routines, and our new, scientifically-based solution can help formulators deliver a cost-effective and natural solution to their customers."

Air Products, which provides atmospheric, process and specialty gases; performance materials; equipment; and technology, acquired ROVI cosmetic active ingredients when it took over ROVI Cosmetics in February 2012.

This acquisition enabled the company to adding technically advanced product lines to complement Air Products’ existing polymer and delivery technology portfolio.

Some products under the ROVI portfolio include AquaPront cellular active for reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, Epiprotectyl UV cellular active for hair sun protection, Herbapurifine cellular active for benefits including sebum control, ProContour cellular active for skin tone, Unitone cellular active for skin brightening, and Vivendin cellular active for general skin appearance benefits.