HORN Essentials, a speciality ingredients distributor, has been renamed as HORN Care Elements to diversify its market scope.

HORN Care Elements will provide a line of speciality ingredients and formulary solutions for the industries, which include personal care, hair care, skin care, cosmetics, home care, industrial and institutional (HI&I) cleaning, fragrances and the air care market.

HORN includes seven distinct business units such as Care Elements, Nutraceuticals, Coatings and Building Materials, Advanced Materials, Composites and Fabrication Materials, FoodTech and Animal Wellness.

The company’s home fragrance solutions will cater to manufacturers of air care technologies, which include candles, room diffusers, and air fresheners.

HORN Care Elements vice president Christina Fiduccia said that the company includes industry-leading speciality ingredients, which is the key to the firm’s strong portfolio of solution-providing elements.

"HORN’s unique business model, combined with our team of seasoned and technically-expert industry professionals, expands our capabilities’ edge," Fiduccia added.

"From personal care to air care to home care, HORN Care Elements is poised to service our growing customer base."

HORN, which was established in 1961,has representation in 11 western states, as well as in the Southwest.