Consumer preference for fresh, natural, and organic is impacting product formulations in the personal care space. Fragrance is one of the segments that has taken on influences from consumers’ shift towards leading a healthier lifestyle. This has resulted in surge in consumer demand for natural fragrance formulations with a clean and fresh accord. Subsequently, driven by the recent proliferation in the health and wellness trend across the personal care sector, more fine fragrance manufacturers are focusing their NPD strategies on launching new product ranges that claim to evoke freshness and are formulated with natural, organic, and health-beneficial ingredients.

According to GlobalData’s 2016 Q4 global consumer survey, over half (56%) of consumers globally say they are interested and actively buying beauty and grooming products with natural claims. Therefore, it can be seen that health and wellness claims pay an important part in consumers’ purchase decision making process and consequently, in order for brands to capture this shift, a greater emphasis on natural formulations should be explored.

Therefore it can be said that fragrance manufacturers should focus their innovation strategies on natural and clean scents that cater to the needs and preferences of today’s ever demanding consumer, who pays greater level of attention to the ingredients used in their products.

Source: GlobalData’s 2016 Q4 global consumer survey