Bath & Body Works introduced six new essential oil blends

Specialty retailer Bath & Body Works launched an expanded version of its Aromatherapy Collection comprising more than 120 products across six new blends of natural essential oils.

The collection is designed to address stress relief, sleep, happiness, comfort, focus, and energy. It features a mixture of old and new products including a body cream, a pillow mist, essential oil therapy rollerball, a 24-hour moisture body butter, and shower steamers.

Bath & Body Works brand development senior vice-president Soyoung Kang said: “Every product in our Aromatherapy Collection is centred on combining the perfect pairing of two essential oils, each with a unique purpose, to transform your mind and enhance your well-being.”

EMK launched new skincare peel gel

Skincare line EMK Beverly Hills launched new at-home skin peel 24K Gold Peeling Gel in collaboration with Moscow’s PFUR University associate professor and anti-ageing physician Dr Thiago Freire.

The peel is designed to address the effects of environmental pollution, stress, and active lifestyles on skin without the need for chemical treatments.

EMK and Freire incorporated 24K gold flakes bioplacenta and bearberry plant extract into an exfoliating gel.

Nestlé closed skin health products factory in Egerkingen, Switzerland

Nestlé Skin Health decided to shut down its factory in Egerkingen, Switzerland.

The Egerkingen factory manufactures a variety of skin health offerings such as Daylong sun cream and products for dry skin. After considering the growth forecasts for these markets, Nestlé could not anticipate a significant increase in the volume over the coming years.

The move also reflects increased manufacturing cost pressure due to low production volumes and underutilisation of assets at the factory.

US researchers warn of mislabelled moisturisers

A study conducted by Northwestern Medicine in the US revealed that certain moisturisers are mislabelled as ‘fragrance-free’ or ‘hypoallergenic’.

This could be of concern for people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, who need non-irritating and safe skin products.

In the study, the ingredients and performance of 100 whole-body moisturisers at Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart were analysed.

Israel’s Frutarom bought 51% stake in fragrances firm Turpaz

Israeli specialty ingredients firm Frutarom Industries acquired a 51% share of Turpaz Perfume and Flavour Extracts.

Valued at approximately NIS53.7m ($15.1m), the deal involved a payment of around NIS14.5m ($4.1m) and an investment of NIS27m ($7.6m).

Launched in 1970, Turpaz develops, produces, and markets fragrance solutions, with an approximate NIS23.3m ($6.2m) sales turnover reported for the 12 months ended in June this year.

UAE’s Ministry warned against unlicensed cosmetic surgeons

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) warned patients against malpractices at certain medical centres and health clinics in the country.

The move is part of an initiative to raise awareness and protect people from unlicensed beauty and fitness centres that do not comply with the official health regulations.

Cosmetic procedures conducted with poor-quality products, by non-specialised professionals, or without proper hygiene and sterilisation can lead to serious complications.

US researchers developed new solution for structural colours

Researchers from the University of Akron in the US developed a way to produce a non-fading product colour.

Most product colours around us incorporate paints and dyes that absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect the remaining. In contrast, structural colours use an object’s nanostructure to amplify a particular wavelength and produce colour.

Formulated in collaboration with researchers from Northwestern University and Belgium-based University of Ghent, the structural colours solution is expected to be applicable to various industries, including cosmetics.

P&G’s Gillette files patent infringement lawsuit against Edgewell Personal Care

Procter & Gamble (P&G) filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Edgewell Personal Care’s Hydro Connect 5 razor cartridges.

The patent relates to the connection between the razor cartridge and the handle.

Filed in the US District Court of Connecticut through its wholly owned subsidiary Gillette, the lawsuit alleges that Edgewell’s two products violated this patent obtained by P&G in 2015.

Symrise introduced new haircare ingredient to repair damage

Symrise introduced new haircare ingredient KeraSym Rescue, which is designed to repair and protect keratin from bleaching and dyeing.

Unveiled at the in-cosmetics Latin America event held in São Paulo, Brazil, the substance features a blend of cupuaçu and cocoa ingredients obtained from the firm’s Symrise Amazon subsidiary.

The firm developed the product at its haircare centre in São Paulo.

Kat Von D Beauty relaunched Saint + Sinner fragrance collection

US-based cosmetics retailer Kendo’s Kat Von D Beauty brand relaunched its Saint + Sinner perfumes with new bottle designs.

The brand originally launched the fragrance collection as a limited edition in 2009.

Designed to be worn alone or layered over each other for a custom scent, the fragrances feature sweet floral scents.