US-based personal care products maker Mountaineer Brand has launched a collection of four WV Timber products in Walmart stores.

This debut collection features WV Timber scented beard oil, beard balm, heavy-duty beard balm and beard wash.

Mountaineer Brand founder and CEO Eric Young said: “We are proud to be partnering with Walmart and bringing the Mountaineer Brand to the forefront of affordable, all-natural care products.

“Care begins with what we put in our bodies and also what we put on our bodies.”

“Care begins with what we put in our bodies and also what we put on our bodies. 100% quality, safe, family-friendly, and effective products are at the heart of what we make. It is luxury without the sacrifice. We are excited to continue to share the Mountaineer lifestyle and product line.”

Established in 2013, Mountaineer Brand is a family-owned company that currently has a 10,000ft² facility with 48 employees.

Known for its mild scent of cedar and fir needles, the company provides beard, body, shaving and family care products, which are available at, Meijer stores,,,,,, and, as well as in Schnucks locations.

The brand has expanded its product portfolio from beard care oils, balms, waxes and washes to deodorants, body washes, shaving oils and soaps. It also provides Granny Vicars’ Family Care line of infant care, lip balm, salves, rubs and insect repellent products.