US-based online oral care products and dental services company quip has launched quipcare, a new platform that provides a transparent, affordable and convenient way to access and pay for dental care through an app.

The oral care company has millions of members and a network of tens of thousands of dental professionals.

Using quipcare platform, the company offers an end-to-end consumer-focused oral health solution, which includes a range of personal care products and professional dental services.

quip co-founder and CEO Simon Enever said: “The current dental care and insurance systems can be confusing, opaque and expensive, and the process of booking, getting and paying for care is inconvenient.

“quipcare is solving many of these pain points that deter people from getting the professional care they need. We’ve spent years making at-home oral care more simple, affordable and enjoyable for millions of people.

“Now, we are excited to apply that same ethos to reshape professional dental care with a simple modern app.”

quip said that its members can use the free quipcare app to browse, book and pay for dental care services within the company’s network of dental professionals at rates 30-40% less than average rates in their area.

Furthermore, members can also upgrade to quipcare+ for $25 a month, which includes two preventative check-ups and annual X-rays for $200 less than on ‘pay as you go’.

The quipcare platform also helps members manage their treatment records and offers rewards for timely check-ups so that members can focus on proactive care and prevention.

quip director of care Dr Jeffrey Rappaport said: “quip is now the first consumer oral care company to offer both personal and professional care, making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take proper care of their mouths.

“Unlike healthcare insurance, dental benefit profits aren’t as limited, meaning profit margins of traditional plans can be big, patient rates high and provider reimbursements low.

“With quipcare, we help patients pay providers more directly, so they can pay less and the provider can keep more, leading to better health outcomes and happier patients and professionals.”

The company said that it will roll out quipcare platform in New York City this year and expand the service across the US in 2020.

quip said that it will forge additional partnerships, offer more services, plans and payment options to cater to different individual and employer needs.