Men’s haircare brand Slikhaar is set to launch interactive personal care products in Q4 2018 in collaboration with near field communication (NFC) mobile marketing solutions provider Thin Film Electronics.

Under the partnership, Slikhaar will leverage Thinfilm’s NFC mobile marketing solution to interact with its customers.

Haircare and skincare products under Slikhaar’s By Vilain brand are now being integrated with a unique NFC tag, which will be connected to Thinfilm’s CNECT Cloud Platform.

These interactive personal care products will enable Slikhaar to deliver customised digital content to its customers, who can view connected products and make online purchases through their smartphones.

In addition, they can watch hairstyling videos and product tutorials, receive information on the latest trends, and share content via social media.

“We plan to grow this community by giving consumers an entirely new way to connect with us.”

Thin Film Electronics’ CEO Davor Sutija said: “By using NFC to digitally activate its By Vilain product line, Slikhaar will create a mobile gateway that enables more consumers to connect and engage with them online.”

Based in Denmark, Slikhaar was founded by Emil and Rasmus Albrechtsen in 2009. Besides its e-commerce website, the company has a hair salon in Aarhus and a YouTube channel.

Rasmus Albrechtsen said: “Slikhaar’s success has been driven by a powerful sense of community, a community rooted in the digital world through our Slikhaar Shop website and social media channels, including SlikhaarTV.

“With Thinfilm’s NFC solution, we plan to grow this community by giving consumers an entirely new way to connect with us through our physical products. The solution also enhances our ability to recognise members for supporting the brand and creating strong relationships within our growing community.”