An interest in athleisure products is evident among both male and female consumers

GlobalData’s Top Trends in Skincare and Make-Up 2018 report reveals that the millennial generation are currently buying in to the athleisure trend, but older generations should not be ignored.

Fitness and exercise has become the new social currency and an occasion in itself. This is driving the millennial desire to look both fashionable and to be “ready for anything”.

The ambition to lead more active and healthier lifestyles is driving the athleisure trend in the personal care industry. This has prompting several retailers to launch their own collections both for men and women in recent years. However, the report says that there is high potential for brands to attract the attention of the male consumer with workout friendly skincare products.

Athleisure personal care innovation includes skin cooling makeup that is sweat-resistant, sun-care products that work better when exposed to water, and shampoo that counters hair loss due to strenuous sporting activities.

41% of men are intersted but not currently buying athleisure products for exercise occasions

While just over a quarter (26%) of men are interested in and actively buying personal care products specifically targeted toward the fitness occasion, a further 41% are interested but not currently buying such products.

Other trends explored in the report are:

    •  Clean Lifestyles– Natural and low/no-processed products continue to gain traction among consumers.
    •   Smart Tools – Connected and data driven consumers seek out more effective ways to manage their appearance and enhance it.
    • Get the Glow – Consumers are seeking out products which can promote glowing and illuminated skin.
    •  Inclusive Positioning – Consumers demand more inclusive beauty/grooming solutions which can meet their needs.
    • Unique Experiences – Consumers seek out more enriching experiences in the products they buy.

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