Health and wellbeing holds the most influence over purchases in this sector

Globally, brands must convey strong quality credentials in order to justify pricing; particularly those positioned at a premium, as well as attract customers to their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace, according to GlobalData.

Notably, the importance of natural credentials is strong within the personal care space.  Natural/chemical-free claims are perceived to be associated with high quality in personal care with many consumers associating this attribute with high quality.

Concerns around chemical ingredients, alongside fatigue with traditional toiletries and hygiene products, are driving consumers toward more ‘natural ‘choices that use minimal ingredients or organic formulations, and products that excite the senses, e.g. those which use transformative textures and unusual fragrance fusions.

GlobalData’s Top Trends in Toiletries and Hygiene 2018, report focuses on outlining the key consumer and innovation trends currently impacting the toiletries and hygiene sector. Specifically, these include NPD that aligns with environmental concerns, the ongoing wellness revolution, the desire for novel and targeted solutions, and digital lifestyles.

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The toiletries and hygiene sector represents a highly dynamic space for growth as consumers’ quest for efficacy continues to evolve. Key trends discussed within this report include sustainability, the wellness revolution, hyper-specific products, the alignment with digital technologies, and the novelty factor.

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