Soft drinks are the preferred method of consuming health-enhancing ingredients

The growing natural trend has driven consumers to turn to food and drink as a way to maintain and improve health. As a result, the market has witnessed a boom in functional food and drink, formulated and positioned to deliver a preventive or curative approach to health. This has posed a threat to OTC medication and supplement brands, but also inspired them to develop formula sourced from food
ingredients that are naturally health-enhancing or create formats mimicking everyday food and drink.

One opportunity that is being missed is soft drinks with mental health benefits. Consumer research from GlobalData reveals that 66% of European consumers say that stress is a pressing mental health concern, followed closely by overwork and memory loss.


Health drinks have often been defined as simply low sugar or energy boosters fortified with caffeine, vitamins or minerals. Mental health is a growing concern, but this need has rarely been addressed by fortified drinks.

However, ingredients such as Gingko Biloba, Turmeric and Lecithin are increasingly being used in this field with companies like Coca-Cola investing in new emerging ingredients like Cannabidiol or CBD oil.

GlobalData’s Top Trends in Healthcare and OTC Products 2018 report covers key trends to watch within the healthcare and OTC products sector, drawing upon GlobalData’s TrendSights framework, insight analysis, innovation intelligence, and product examples.

Healthcare and OTC products include OTC medications, vitamins, minerals, and supplements, functional food and drink, and sports nutrition. In 2017, the market value of OTC healthcare reached $141bn worldwide, with Asia-Pacific, as the leading market, accounting for 36.1%, followed by North America (31.0%) and Europe (25.5%).

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  • The traditional perception of OTC medicines is changing as consumers are looking for a sensory element in their healthcare products.


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