The trends emerging from today’s "wellness revolution" are no longer confined to food and drink, creating opportunities for inspired innovation in beauty and personal care. This is evident in that while not as high as eating healthily or exercising, almost 75% of consumers consider feeling physically attractive to be important in creating a feeling of wellbeing or wellness.

This perception is further strengthened by almost 60% of consumers globally agreeing that they are concerned about the impact of diet on their health and appearance. This highlights that it is not necessarily just about using effective beauty products, but also taking conscious steps to improve both beauty and eating regimes to drive a healthier, and therefore more attractive, appearance in a more holistic way. In particular, the connection between diet and appearance is strongest among women aged 25-44 making this demographic a key audience such products are likely to resonate with.

Global: Consumers who are concerned about the impact of diet on their health and appearance, by age and gender, 2016


Source: GlobalData’s 2016 Q3 global consumer survey

Taking cues from the food and drink space will therefore be an important way by which to effectively innovate to meet the needs of holistic beauty regimes among this consumer group and tap into the connection between appearance-related health and diet.