Addressing various skin conditions, the BioActive Peel is an exfoliant system, which aims at reducing skin roughness and the appearance of fine lines.

It claims to fade hyperpigmentation, treat pseudofolliculitis (razor bumps), and clears acneic inflammation.

Offering the benefits of traditional chemical peels, the four-step program offers little to no post-peel redness or downtime.

The application process consists of biphasic, enzyme and acid peel solution layers, which are neutralized in the fourth and final step by using a foaming de-activator.

The active ingredients of BioActive Peel include 20% salicylic acid, pumpkin, papaya and other enzymes, 30% lactic acid and 15% trichloracetic acid (TCA).

Providing a youthful appearance, deep hydration, and more consistent, integrated skin texture, the TCA in the BioActive Peel stimulates natural collagen production.

A final step utilizes sodium bicarbonate, yeast extract, green tea leaf extract, cucumber and other cooling, calming botanicals to neutralize the action of the biphasic peel solution.

In September, 2013, BioActive Peel was introduced at three initial locations in the Dermalogica flagship on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California; Dermalogica in Soho; and Dermalogica in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With this new professional system, BioActive Peel is designed to be useful for skin therapists to deliver required results without any side effects.