Collagen-infused food in the form of snack bars, named a “fascinating emerging trend”, has shocked the food industry. The growth of using animal-sourced collagen in so-called beauty food is going against the current growth trend of plant-based alternatives to animal products.

The high popularity of collagen-infused food is driven by the positive perception of the ingredient among consumers around the world. GlobalData’s 2017 Q1 global consumer survey found that 57% of people worldwide think collagen is effective in beauty/grooming products.

Moreover, 45% of consumers around the world prefer using food as a format for beauty/grooming products, according to GlobalData’s 2017 Q4 global consumer survey. The fact that more consumers perceive collagen as a beauty-enhancing ingredient, and the fact that they prefer using food as a mechanism to improve appearance, creates opportunities in functional food featuring collagen to deliver beauty claims.

Does collagen beauty food really work?

Nutrition experts have expressed doubts about taking collagen supplements for promoting skin health. According to registered dietitian Nicole Osinga, the human body does not absorb collagen; instead it creates its own collagen to support bone, skin and hair health.

However, research has suggested having a balanced diet (sometimes with the help of supplements) that provides sufficient omega-3, vitamin A & C and even collagen itself, will increase the body’s own production of collagen. But so far the benefits of collagen to skin remain questionable due to a lack of conclusive evidence.

Will the collagen trend die out soon?

Consumers’ widespread acceptance of collagen has led to the success of the ingredient. Yet they also pose the biggest threat to its prospects. Nowadays, better-informed consumers would actively seek information to see if their purchase is justified by tangible scientific evidence and positive user reviews.

The lack of positive correlation between collagen consumption and skin health will soon weaken consumers’ trust, lowering their likelihood of purchase. This is with the exception of a minority, for whom the desire to stay youthful is so strong that they will take a chance on getting the result they want.

Collagen trending status is likely to stay if new research provides strong evidence to prove noticeable wrinkle reduction by consuming collagen. But for brands keen to further explore the functional beauty food space, looking out for the next beauty-enhancing superstar would be their safer bet.

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