While enlarged pores and facial wrinkles are established beauty concerns, dull skin is emerging as a newer concern in the beauty space.

Although facial wrinkles remains a key beauty concern, dull skin is not too far behind – as much as 54% of global consumers say they are concerned about dull skin, compared to 62% of global consumers who are concerned about facial wrinkles, according to GlobalData’s 2017 Q1 global consumer survey.

The desire to combat dull skin is particularly evident in the sophisticated skincare routines of South Korean women. These women are more concerned about dull skin than the global average and are just as concerned about dull skin as they are about facial wrinkles.

Known as the ‘seven skin method’ or ‘layering’, South Korean women have been known to apply a toner or a watery essence to their faces up to seven times after cleansing and before moisturising for hydrated, glowing skin (‘glass skin’). This highlights an opportunity for brands to design products for re-application in order to deliver the desired level of hydration and glow.

Skincare and makeup brands can also move beyond illuminating mists and powders to more innovative textures that can provide glowing skin, like glosses, oils, and gel-like consistencies. As an interest in ‘eating your way beautiful’ is also apparent, brands can explore the creation of ingestible beauty products, e.g. collagen-infused beverages, to help consumers achieve glowing skin from within. This can appeal to males as well as females who desire radiant complexions, but who do not necessarily want to develop elaborate skincare or makeup routines to achieve this.

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