At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, L’Oréal debuted UV Sense – claimed to be the world’s smallest wearable electronic device, designed to continuously monitor the level of sun exposure discreetly.

UV Sense offers real-time data collected in a discreet way. The tiny, battery-free device is designed to fit on the user’s thumbnail, as this is an area of the body that L’Oréal says receives optimal sunlight. Once attached, sensors deliver information about the wearer’s UV exposure to an app using Near Field Communication (NFC) available for both iOS and Android. There, the collected data allows users to determine when they should be mindful of UV exposure. The app then provides the user with information, from facts about sun safety, to warnings when they need to take shade with records of the user’s UV exposure also stored in a profile, thus encouraging them to track their time spent in the sun.

This personalised approach would appeal to consumers who opt for smart devices that help them maintain a state of wellbeing in an easy and effective way, catering to their individual lifestyle. According to GlobalData’s 2016 Q3 global consumer survey, 55% of consumers globally say they are extremely/very concerned about the impact of sun exposure on their health and appearance.

UV Sense follows on from the launch of L’Oréal’s My UV Patch, a stretchable skin sensor that also monitors ultraviolet exposure and educates users about sun protection, launched back in 2016. The technology to monitor UV radiation has evolved significantly over the last few years, considering UV Sense’s highly advanced human-centric design in comparison to the relatively simplistic one of My UV Patch which is based on photosensitive dyes that change colors when exposed to UV rays.

With the smart-living trend making it more accessible for consumers to be in charge of their wellbeing, L’Oréal focuses its research and innovation on beauty tech in a bid to create effective designs that enhances consumers’ wellbeing without distracting from their everyday lives.