Globally, brands must convey strong quality credentials to justify pricing, particularly those positioned at a premium, as well as attract customers to their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Notably, the importance of natural credentials is strong within the personal care space, and one which brands cannot ignore. This is evident in that natural and chemical-free claims are most perceived to be associated with high quality in personal care. This highlights the importance of natural formulations for personal care players, but also the growing expectation that natural claims factor into consumer product choices when making such purchases.

Source: GlobalData’s 2018 Q3 global consumer survey

Following this, brand heritage and whether the brand is established is another key marker of high quality for consumers when making their personal care purchases. This suggests that longstanding players in the market are well placed to convey high quality credentials. Nevertheless, the growing interest in niche players across the personal care space highlights that newer brands can also win through their focus on an authentic brand story, meaning, and purpose.

This factor is on par with environmentally-friendly credentials, suggesting the importance of sustainability in conveying a quality proposition. Brands must take note particularly as awareness of the impact FMCG products have on the environment, including packaging waste and plastic pollution, is growing.

Looking ahead, discerning consumers will seek multi-faceted products which leverage a number of different cues to convey quality. Combining numerous quality markers such as natural and environmentally-friendly can serve to create a unique product offer but also emphasise a strong message of quality.

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