The desire to lead healthier, more active lifestyles has driven the athleisure trend in the personal care space.

In particular, there is an allure around durable (e.g. sweat proof) cosmetics that can be worn throughout the workout occasion without negatively impacting the skin. As such, there has been a significant number of athleisure beauty launches targeting women with claims of budge-proof makeup. However, there is noteworthy potential for brands to capture the attention of the male consumer with workout compatible skincare products in particular.

This potential is evident as 72% of males claim to exercise one per week or more, compared with 65% of females, according to GlobalData’s 2017 primary consumer research. Additionally, while just over a quarter (26%) of male consumers interested in and actively buying beauty/grooming products specifically targeted toward the fitness occasion, a further 41% are interested but not actively buying such products. The opportunity for brands lies predominantly in formulating functional skincare products which can either cool or hydrate the skin, or products which can soothe the muscles after working out.

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